Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doublers

Diaper Doublers are Diaper Liners that Stop Leaky Diapers

How to Make Diaper Doublers

A whole lot of people ask me whether I know how to make Diaper Doublers for myself. It is hard for me to believe why someone should make them because they are so cheap and perfectly working. But then I thought ok, never say never, and tried it out:


All you need is a bigger piece of cardboard for the pattern of your Diaper Doublers. The size should be about 5 inches wide and 12 inches long, but depends on the size of your diapers. 5×12 worked out very well for me because of the size of my disposable diapers.


To make strong Diaper Doublers you best take really firm and absorbent cotton layers and double it with fleece fabric. You at least one fleece fabric and at least 4 cotton layers, take the pattern and cut them out.


All you have to do now is to serge the edges and sew the layers together. Best would be a sewing machine since sewing a Diaper Doubler by hand is not that easy because of all the layers.

For those who prefer a higher quality solution for little money, you can buy your Diaper Doublers here.